Teen Membership Program

Introducing a new Teen Membership!

Our new Teen Night will replace the Saturday Program for our Members who are over the age of 13 and have been in our membership program for at least 1 year.

Our new Friday Night Program will run from the hours of 6:00PM –  8:00PM and will give our teens the time to enjoy the barn to socialize with other teens while being able to hang out with their much loved 4-legged friends.       

Horses on Friday nights will be available to share the caring for and rides on a 2:1 ratio meaning for every 2 students there will be 1 horse available to work with.  Horses may be rotated similar to membership where it is not always the same horses available to work with. 

High School Volunteer Hours

Our Teen Members will also have the opportunity to gain their High School Volunteer Hours by helping assist with lesson nights during the weeks without booking required.  Volunteering is completely optional and evenings may be worked out amongst themselves to help alleviate conflicting work schedules as we require 1 volunteer per lesson night.  Where possible we’d like to stick with the same schedule ie. Someone helping on Wednesday nights can be counted on for Wednesday nights (unless they were able to get another in the teen program to fill their place). 

Please complete this fast form so we know if it works for you

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