Summer Schedule

Hello everyone,

We have made a new plan and calendar to proceed with camps and membership over the course of the summer until school resumes.

In Lieu of Membership & Morning Day Camps

There will be multiple camps offered in the mornings over the course of the next 3 months. 

All members continuing into the next term (July – December) will be able to max out their bookings up to the new total of 11 which will be in lieu of Saturday Mornings up to the end of August.  We will have some Saturdays in the booking system for those who for work reasons are unable to attend during the week but I believe almost everyone has been able to book during the week and I feel it will be a welcome change to have your weekends free for the summer! 

When you reach your 11 “In lieu of Membership” bookings you may additionally book the camp mornings as paid camps if you are interested in more.  All camps you see open to the public are in fact also open to you at a 10% discounted rate.


Come July you have maxed out your 7 “In lieu of memberships” you now have 4 more to book anytime over the course of the summer at no extra charge.

Early on in the summer you have maxed out your 11 “In lieu of memberships” you may still book any camps at the additional costs with a 10% discounted rate of the general public. 

All afternoon clinics and events which are solely member camps only are bookable at the full cost listed.  Ie. Derby Camps, Jumping Camps, Trail & Picnic events. 


Lessons owed for the Instructional Package of Term 1 will be scheduled over the next few weeks.  In order to make it as flexible as possible and be able to get as many in to get caught up the Lessons will also now be bookable… In order to make this work I need to put riders in groups so they are riding in the proper groups.  You will receive an email stating whether you are a Group 1, Group 2, Group 3. 


Over the course of the next month you will see open bookings for Lessons under Headings Group 1, 2, and 3.  If you are in Group 1 you must only book in that group.  You may not book under Group 2 or 3.

For emample if you have already received 2 lessons over the past month you are still owed 10

Once you have reached your maximum 12 lessons you must stop booking.  The new lesson package will start in September.  The object is to have most lessons done very early in July as teaching in the extreme heat becomes very difficult for all involved so book as much as you can.

If you are in a membership slot in the morning and have a lesson slot in the afternoon, yes you may stay at the barn.  Bring your own lunch, water bottles etc. and please be picked up no later than the end of your lesson slot.  If your lesson is booked from 1:00-2:00 you must be picked up at 2:00


  • The Fridge is stocked and will be kept stocked for the summer with Gatorade, Water, Treats including Frozen Treats for a small fee
  • There are to be no IOU’s left for fridge items unless you have a McNab Card.  All Cards have the student name on them and must be kept in the appropriate holder in the Lounge so the IOU’s can be processed by myself at a quieter time during the week.  Your text or email can be attached to the card so you are notified of all transactions and there is also a “check your balance” icon on the member zone page.  Keep your card number handy for checking. 
  • If you wish to start a card please send in the amount you would like added and we will get one started for you
  • All drop-off and pick-up times must be met especially as we are trying to control the number of people at the barn.  Any late pick-ups will be charged a prorated fee of $20/hour
  • When booking anything online please don’t leave bookings in your cart, it locks up the spot, if you are going to book something decide before booking that you are going through with it. 
  • Please note all costs listed for events are subject to the HST which is not the advertising price.  When sending an e-transfer add the HST so your payment matches the invoice.  Example:  you see an event listed for $50, if you pay by credit card the system will automatically add the tax for you.  If you are sending an e-transfer or paying by cheque you must send the total of $56.50
  • If you are having any problems or questions with the system please don’t hesitate to let me know!

I will be opening up all of these bookings in the next several days and will send out an email to let everyone know when certain things are ready.  If you have any questions or concerns please message me right away so that I may answer everyone’s questions before the busy booking gets underway!  I wish everyone a wonderful summer!

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