Silver Horseshoe


Goals to meet for the silver horse shoe in the English riding manual

The horse

  • I know some new parts of the horse’s body.
  • I know the horse coats of two separate colours.
  • I know the horse’s family.

Horse care

  • I know how to take care of my horse’s hooves.

Handling a horse

  • I know how to safely approach a horse in his box stall
  • I know how to take a horse into his box stall.
  • I know how to turn my horse right from the ground.
  • I know how to back my horse up from the ground.


  • I can put on and remove the halter.
  • I can remove the bridle.
  • I know the different items that make up the rider’s attire.

On horseback

  • I can tighten the girth from the saddle.
  • I can ask my horse to trot.
  • I can do the posting trot.
  • I know the natural and artificial aids.
  • I know the most common faults in the rider’s position.
  • I know several riding terms.
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