Guidelines & Rules

Please help keep our Riders & Horses Safe

We have a general set of rules for all Riders & Visitors, please be sure to take a moment and familiarize yourself with some of our basic safety measures we have in place for the well being of our children, riders, & animals on the farm

Barn Safety

  • Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times in the barn and around the horses, absolutely no sandals are allowed
  • Enter & Exit the barn quietly in the appropriate door (ordinarily the front or side people door) During camps or lessons the door will be marked
  • Visitors are to only remain at the horse barn at all times, the other areas of the farm including cattle and machinery areas are off limits
  • NO dogs are allowed on the property, if you have any animals with you during drop off or pick up they must remain in their vehicle
  • We pride ourselves on keeping an environment that is quiet and enjoyable for newcombers, please keep visitors to a minimum to watch a lesson
  • Our summer camps & Saturday Morning Membership Program are strictly a drop-off & pick-up program, there are no extra visitors in the barn during these periods.

Animal Safety

  • Stay away from all fencing where horses are being kept, fences are electric and we do not like the horses to be encouraged to come to the fences
  • Do not feed our horses, we have many aged ponies on diets specific to their needs, feeding treats or other feeds is not permitted
  • When horses are in their stalls or paddocks this is their zone, and their quiet time – Please respect their space

Coach & Staff Respect Policy

  • We understand you might like some photos &/or videos of your child’s lesson experience, however you must ask permission and we do not allow videos posted on social media, please respect our Junior Volunteers, Coaches, & all staff.
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