Renfrew Fair

We are back to the Renfrew Fair 2023. We have a short 2 weeks to get ready but Lauren & Cindi both have open schedules to make it all happen 🙂


Sunday September 10th


Entry Fee Costs: $10/Class or $25/Division

Trailering & Coach Fee: $100/Rider

Preparation Courses: Times to be arranged as soon as we receive your sign ups and payments, we have open flexible schedules to ensure each and every rider is ready for their respective class or division

  • Jump Divisions $180 includes 3 prep lessons
  • Walk/Trot Classes $100 includes 2 prep lessons
  • Lead Line Class $50 includes 1 prep lesson

General Notes:

  • Each Entry receives admission to the Fair
  • All Chores & Horse Preparation are done as a Team, once the team is established a schedule of Preparation Lesson Availability & your chore Schedule/Expectations will be sent to you for review prior to payment


  • All Riders will require own Helmet, Breeches with tall Riding Boots or Paddock Boots with Half Chaps
  • Although complete show attire including jacket is recommended for all Riders if you are just starting out and in a Lead Line or Walk/Trot Class we will only require a nice show shirt or white Polo
  • All jump divisions require complete attire with jacket

Choosing Classes/Divisions and Horse/Pony for riders:

  • A horse or pony will be chosen in advance for preparation lessons however sometimes it is necessary to make last minute changes for several different reasons. We always make decisions based on what is best for the horses on show day. Riders must accept that changes of class and/or horse may be required
  • Priority of Horse & Number of classes is given in the following order
    • Current Leasing in order of FL/PL/NPL
    • Past Leasers who did not have the chance to compete due to covid shut downs
    • Instructional Members in seniority order
    • Newest Members/Summer Campers who have registered for fall membership
  • Class Availability will be sent to you prior to payment

Prior to Payment you will receive the following:

  • A class and/or division options for you
  • Scheduling Options for Preparation Lessons to ensure we are able to get everything in
  • Riding Attire requirements (Lead Line & Walk-Trot Classes require a show shirt) Jump Divisions require a jacket
  • Scheduling Options for Team Tasks & Chores

Please fill out Form below to let us know you would like to participate

We have read the general notes and are interested in participating

Once you have filled out this form you will receive more details regarding which class(es), and/or divisions you are qualified to participate in.

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