Flex Beginner


A discounted set of 10 private sessions each 30 minutes which may be shared within your immediate household family.  Each lesson is designed for a beginner rider or riders trying to get back in the saddle after some time and looking to regain balance & confidence in the saddle.

A flexible calendar will be open all year long with all open slots available for booking.  Slots will be available during the weekdays, weeknights, and some weekends.

A limited number will be sold in order to keep calendar flexible so book soon!  

Questions are welcome to cindi@mcnabridingschool.com


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This package is sold as a 10 pack of lessons to use within your immediate household family as 10 bookable 30 minute private lessons.  Each lesson may be scheduled with multiple coaches for a flexible schedule.  Perfect for families with busy schedules where each week at same time is not possible.  A calendar will be available with all open slots in early December to start your bookings.  Each week there will be openings both during week-days & evenings and occasional weekends.

Each lesson includes 30 minute private lesson perfect for either a beginner getting started or a rider who wishes some private 1 on 1 to work through balance issues.

Package of 10 is discounted to $43 each from our regular weekly scheduled lessons at $45 each.  You will have a full year to use up your package.  Bookings are available up to 1 month in advance and 24 hours notice must be given via email if you are required to cancel.

After purchase a login will be assigned to you in order to access our booking calendar.