Beginner Children Set of 4


This Booking is for a set of 4.  30 minute sessions – weekly lessons starting with the block you book.  See more lesson details below



Our beginner lessons are taught one-on-one to focus on confidence, and balance in the saddle.  The students work through a series of excercises on either a lead line or a long lunge line in order for the coach to maintain full control.  Children are paired with one of our several wonderful ponies who know their job and are always happy to meet a new friend!  Students will work in this one-on-one environment until they have learned the basics to maintain full control and are comfortable enough to move freely in the arena on their own.  Once ready they may register for our 1 hour small group lessons.  We have a comfortable viewing lounge with free wifi where parents are welcome to watch the lessons.

If you are looking to give it a try or are having a hard time scheduling a set of 4 you can check out our single slots here Beginner Lesson Single Slot