Beginner Adult Private Lessons Set of 4


This Booking is for a set of 4  – weekly lessons starting with the block you book.  See more lesson details below



Are you retired, semi-retired or can sneak out during a lunch break?  Have you always wanted to try out riding horses but never got to it?  Perhaps you rode when you were younger and are looking to get back on?  We have 1 on 1’s available to get you over the hurdle and on that horse!  We have openings during the day on weekdays to learn in a very quiet environment.  Lessons are taught one-on-one to focus on confidence, and balance in the saddle.  You will work through a series of exercises on either a lead line or a long lunge line in order for the coach to maintain full control.  You will be paired with a wonderful horse who knows his job and is always happy to meet a new friend!  This is a great opportunity to just get in the saddle and give riding a try!

This session is 30 minutes & meant to get you in the saddle.  A horse will be prepared for you, if you love it and wish to learn more you are able to move into a longer group session in the spring!

We have an indoor arena out of the elements but winter still gets cold.  Dress warm.  We do re-schedule in bad or extremely cold weather.  We want this to be fun for all!

You will only require warm cozy stretchy pants, we do have helmets but if you already have a well-fitted bicycle helmet that is permitted.  You need a warm boot with a heel, a winter lined rubber boot or hiking boot is good as long as it has a heel and is not flat.  Warm gloves.

Get out and enjoy the fresh air this winter!  Perhaps it will bring on a whole new hobby for you come spring!

The opening on the calendar shows only the first of the 4 lessons to get your timeslot started and this will remain your slot for the 4 weeks.  We do have flexibility during the week, you can send an email to if you wish to pursue a set but can not find a time that works for you.