Platinum Horseshoe

Goals to meet for the platinum horse shoe in the English riding manual

The horse

  • I know the parts of the front and hind legs.
  • I know the markings on the face and legs.

Horse care

  • I know basic feed.
  • I know how to shower a horse.
  • I know the care to give my horse before and after a workout.
  • I know the signs of a sick horse.

Handling a horse

  • I know how to do a quick-release knot.


  • I know how to take care of my horse’s tack.
  • I know and I can put protective equipment on my horse’s legs.

On horseback

  • I can ask my horse to canter.
  • I can trot a course of rails on the ground.
  • I know the main disciplines and activities in English riding.
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