Non-Priority Lease

Hello, you’ve been doing so well in our afternoon Program, proven to be responsible, gained enough confidence, control, and independence to further your journey when ready!

You have been chosen to join our Non-Priority Lease Program. This program will give you the opportunity to build the bond on your favorite horse or pony with the freedom to ride at your leisure on Friday Nights.

A Non-Priority Lease is a great stepping stone to a Priority Lease which will give more flexibility to your calendar and increases your priority level when needed for competition & events.

All leasing comes with it’s own Rules & Guidelines (see below) and a contract outlining the term, cost, and details are signed before the Lease is official.

The cost of a Non-Priority Lease is $220/Month + HST for a Term of 6 months January – June and July – December. The cost includes the Saturday Membership Program, Your 12 Weeknight Lessons and your Lease. All Leases have priority for the same horse the next term.

At the moment the following horses are available for Non-Priority Leases for the term January 1 – June 30, 2021

Pumpkin – Picasso – Tango – TG – Prince – Max

If your rider is interested in this program please have a quick look at the Rules & Guidelines below and fill out our quick form, Cindi will be happy to answer all your questions

  • All Lease Riders are required to be supervised by an Adult/Parent while mounted
  • Stay Safe
  • This is time to slow things down and practice to perfect and NOT to test your own or your horse’s limits
  • Gate is always closed when horses are in the ring
  • NO ride shall be longer than 1 hour total – including warm up and cool down
  • At least 10 minute walk-only warm up period
  • Periods of canter should be kept to a minimum (no more than 2 times around the ring in both directions), instead work on transitions of smaller canter portions
  • 10-15 minute walk-only cool down period (longer and with wool cooler in sub-zero temperatures)  Putting a hot horse away is not acceptable and may result in losing unsupervised riding times.
  • Your horse must not show any of the following signs before putting away
    • Heavy Breathing
    • Rising Steam
    • Heat on chest
  • Always allow 30 minutes between dismount and departure.  This time is essential to ensure your horse is put away properly, fully groomed, and without saddle and girth marks.  Tack is cleaned with leather cleaner and put away properly.
  • NO MANURE left behind in the ring or get ready area
  • Ensure your horse has a full water bucket before leaving
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