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Welcome to the McNab Team and your Student Page! Each time you log in as a student you will be automatically directed here. This page is designed for you and your coach only. Here you will find courses, videos, photos, and information just for you. You will likely find the first few courses relatively easy with very basic information but take note it is likely the most important information you will gain to start your Equestrian Journey off safely!

As we start our journey together we will try our best to keep your page as updated as possible but we also asking for volunteers to help us with keeping courses interesting, informative, and fun! If you have an idea for a video and/or would like to host a video of something you have learned along the way you feel will help the next person along please let Cindi know, she’d love to hear about it. Use the comment box at the bottom of this page if you wish to send questions or ideas in.

Any courses you have been added to will show up on the right side of your screen. Video and other materials below.

Our Morning Membership Playlist



As a member you are assigned a cubby, this space is for your convenience and you are not to leave any valuables! McNab will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. Your cubby is to be kept clean, organized, and all items must be labelled. There is to be no food or treats of any kind left in your cubby. Mice love treats 😉

Your Cubby #Your Padlock Combination

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