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Fall 2021 Saturday Morning Membership Program

Group 1            9:00AM – 11:00AM

Group 2          11:00AM –   1:00PM

Each group will run with a balance of beginner & advanced students and be a copy of each other as opposed to working at different levels

Siblings at different levels can now participate at the same time

Each group will be separated into learning areas with a beginner and advanced focus each week

RECREATION:        $540+HST

Includes Saturdays September 11 through December 18 and December 22 **CHRISTMAS PARTY**


Includes Recreation as above plus 12 Riding Lessons, depending on experience lessons will be offered as either

  • 30 minute private,
  • 40 minute semi-private, or
  • 1 hour group

Lessons will be offered on 2 or 3 weeknights, a form for your availability will follow shortly

Saturday Program to run from April 6 – June 29 *Closed May Long Weekend*
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