Lesson Lease

Are you a member who loves riding and looking for more time in the saddle?  Interested in future leasing?  Or looking to lesson during the week in a semi-private environment?  We have a package for you!

Lesson Lease

Your 12 week package consists of twice/week at the barn! This will include a *lesson scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings with a horse designated to you for the purpose of your program/level so that you may begin to gain a partnership with one horse but still have the flexibility to switch horses according to your level.  

Your Saturday program will now consist of a **supervised practice ride to continue your path of learning in order to gain the skills necessary to reach level 4 which is required for any unsupervised leasing packages.  

Cost breakdown as follows:

12 Pack Semi-Private lessons at member price $660.00
12 Saturday Afternoon Membership Program reduced to $420.00
Total $1080.00


  • 30 min private for riders 2+ OR
  • 45 min semi-private for riders level 3+
  • Please note this program is very specific to each individual student and what is best for them at a given time, we may switch from private to semi-private depending on what their challenges or needs are at a given time
  • Riders to come to the barn 30 minutes prior to scheduled ride time in order to have time to get horse ready 
  • Riders are required to be able to get ready with minimal to no assistance

**Supervised practice ride

  • Priority to ride your lesson lease horse with staff available to assist you along the way while having the opportunity to work with other horses to continue learning more as each horse can offer a different learning experience and exposure to multiple horses will only broaden the entire equestrian knowledge and experience.

If you have interest in this program please fill out the quick form below

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