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What is Leasing?

Benefits of Leasing
All lease lessons are scheduled with a senior coach to enhance students skills in the saddle
Strong emphasis on position
Gives students the time to bond with one horse or pony they wish to work with
Gives students more time in the barn in a quiter environment to focus on rider goals with a plan
Emphasis on Jump Courses, dressage courses, and Derby Preparation
Priority over a certain Horse or Pony for all events (as described in the understanding lease terms below)
Some Leasers are able to volunteer on Saturdays and possibly get extra saddle time then too

Understanding Lease Terms

TypeContract termMaximum Scheduled Rides per Week (not including lessons or clinics)Monthly CostLessons Included per TermClinic/Event Priority Level
Full Lease (FL)1 year Jan 1 – Dec 315$50012Full/Only
Priority Lease (PL)**Formerly competitive lease**1 year Jan 1 – Dec 313$26012First
Non-Priority Lease (NPL)**Formerly Non-Competitive Lease**6 Months Jan 1 – June 30 & July 1 – Dec 312$22012Second or first to Available Catch Ride
University Catch Ride LeaseMay 1 – Labor Day 3$212.50N/ACatch Rides where Available

What does a Lease Calendar Look Like?

Depending on the horse or pony you are leasing the schedule can look a little different per week. Attempt is always made to keep the calendar fair with open spots almost 7 days/week. During the 12 weeks in spring & fall of weekly lessons the lease calendar gets a little tighter but spots are always available at some point during the days & evenings around the lessons. In the summer during camps which usually only exist a couple of mornings per week the barn stays closed but otherwise completely open. Exception when horses or ponies are away at an event, they are not available the day before, the day of, or the day afterward with exception to the PL

Summer and Holiday open around camps and/or competitions

Rules & Guidelines

Although your contract will outline all of the leasing rules & Guidelines it is important to know the following regarding Riding Alone

  • Riders under 16 must be accompanied by an approved supervising adult while mounted (generally a parent)
  • Riders 16+ must be accompanied by another lease rider (Ride Buddy)
  • Riders 18+ may ride alone although it is recommended to have a cell phone with you at all times.
  • All Lease Riders have access to the trails (Long Track Area only) meaning you are to stay on our side of the Golf Course Road Field
  • All staff and Riders 18+ may have access to all of the trail system
  • No jumping of any kind is ever allowed without Cindi or Lauren


  • If the horse were determined lame or ill and needed rest for over a 3 week period the contract would become discontinued unless another suitable mount could be replaced .  Suitability must be agreed by both parties.
  • Horse is owned by McNab Riding School and lease may be terminated by McNab Riding School at any time if it is found that the rider is not suitable for the agreement.  Ie Rider is not following barn rules, not following the lesson plan for their practice rides, or it is determined they are not treating the horse or pony with the appropriate care and respect.


  • If the horse’s disposition should change deeming horse unsuitable for safety reasons every attempt will be made to replace horse either on a short-term basis or to finish out term of contract.  If horse may not be replaced contract may be terminated by either party.


  • From time to time a horse may need rest for various reasons including changes in weather, a long competition schedule, or a short-term illness or lameness.  This is a natural part of horse care and training and sometimes necessary for the well-being of the horse, sometimes at the most inconvenient times ie.  An upcoming show.  In this event the horse will be the first priority and McNab will make every attempt to replace horse on a short term basis to lessen any loss of ride time but this can not be a guarantee.  This scenario is not a valid reason for lease termination.

Once you have read the details above you can simply request your horse lease by filling out this quick form.

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