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You are a registered member in our leasing program. Here you will find helpful information to keep handy including dates and time of your program, your forms and invoice copies in your family folder and other links to places and things that may be of interest to you.

Book your rides here! Please ensure to book your rides early, it helps Cindi plan the day for bringing in, turning out, and can impact the daily feed schedule

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Wanna help keep your horse clean and geared up this spring?

Check out the links below for gear, if interested check in with Cindi for sizing

An insulated light colored rainsheet can be kept on your horse during the muddy season to help with most of the body mud! Come and ride and not deal with all that mud…
We have been trying these boots on a couple of horses and having a ton of success with them. Shoeing is extremely expensive and really not necessary until you go off for long treks, trails, and OVH Events. Break a pair of these in before that and away you go. You are all much older now and there will be so many more miles open to you in the near future!

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