Gold Horseshoe

Goals to meet for the gold horse shoe in the English riding manual

The horse

  • I know the parts of the horse’s head.
  • I know the coats of 2 or 3 mixed colours.

Horse care

  • I know all the steps in grooming a horse.
  • I know what the farrier does.
  • I know how to muck out a horse’s stall.
  • I know how to take care of a horse during the winter.


  • I know the parts of the saddle.
  • I can adjust the length of my stirrups.
  • I can bridle my horse.

On horseback

  • I can post the trot on the correct diagonal.
  • I can do a sitting trot.
  • I know how to do upward and downward transitions.
  • I know the two-point position.
  • I know how to do a crest release.
  • I know the rules for safety in the arena
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