Goals 2

Current P’tit Trot Level:
Current OEF Rider Level:
Place a checkmark in all that apply Personal Riding Goals P’trot Level Goals OEF Rider Level Goals
6 Months 1 year > 1 year
Ride Independantly Bronze 1-2
Walk/Trot/Canter Silver 3-4
Small Cross Rails Gold 5-6
Jump Course Platinum 7-8
Cross Country
Trail Riding
P’tit Trot Level Testing
OEF Rider Level
Camp Counsellor
Other – Please specify
Fill in the blanks and check out the idea board for help THE IDEA BOARD
What are 5 key things I need to work on with my coach to achieve my 1 year Goals: What are 5 key things I can work on independent of my coach to achieve my 1 year Goals: Horsemanship Riding/Mounted
1 1 Grooming Techniques Assisted Mounting Pole Courses
2 2 Leading Lunge Line Excercises Stride Control
3 3 Communicating Basic 2 and 3 point position Cross Rails
4 4 Mounting using block Hands Free Vertical Courses
5 5 Safety Knot Use of Reins Outdoor Coursework
Knowing your horse’s mood Halt/Walk/Steer Trail/Cross Country Work
Cleaning a stall Walk/Trot Understanding Pace
What are 2 things I can work on with my coach to achieve my >1 Goals: Basic Feeding Tightening Girth
Bedding a Stall Canter
What are 2 things I can work on independantly to achieve my >1 Goals: Barn Organization Circles
Understanding basic Tack Figure 8
Understanding Training Tack Poles/Grids
Competition Councellor/Coach
McNab Fun Shows First Aid
Fairs/Local Schooling Leadership
Dressage Show Time Management
Ottawa Valley Hunt Events Engagement Techniques
Derby Lesson/Membership Planning
1 Day Eventing
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