Some things to know before you get started

  • You are welcome to bring a snack & drink to any program
  • We have a comfortable heated lounge in the winter but children need to dress warm for outdoor riding & play.  A toque & gloves is a must, and a thin balaclava comes in very handy too!
  • We have a porta-potty onsite
  • Other than a first time tour and to go over paperwork parents and siblings are to remain outside of the barn during all camps and membership sessions. The lounge is available for drop-off & pick-up only.
  • The lounge is available for parents to watch scheduled evening lessons which are not part of a camp or membership program
  • We have safe & gentle ponies, however safety is our main focus & all rules MUST be followed.

These will be introduced upon arrival but a few basics to be aware of at all times are as follows

  • Absolutely NO Sandals or flip flops, closed toe shoes or boots only
  • No Running or Shouting
  • No Smoking
  • Farm also runs as a cash crop and cattle operation with plenty of machinery going at all times, all family members are to remain at the horse barn only
  • All riders must come equipped with boots with a small heel (such as a regular rubber boot), we keep a supply of approved riding helmets on-site to help get students started, however it will be strongly suggested to invest in one as soon as possible


****New Location****


The barn is located at 1022 McLean Drive. You may notice we keep the front door closed during arrivals, this is to keep the barn quiet and orderly while children are arriving at once.  You are welcome to enter through the people door on the left side of the barn into the lounge area.


We are under construction, you will need rubber boots to get around


Please feel free to send any questions or concerns via email to  cindi@mcnabridingschool.com as we want to ensure your child has the very best experience with our 4 legged friends!


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