Crazy Times

This is crazy times for sure and we have been busy brainstorming, and thinking of some temporary measures to put in place in lieu of our Saturday Membership Program.  There are a few ideas on the table and we’d love your input on which you may be interested in.  At some point soon this will all end and life will return to normal.  In the meantime the horses do need maintenance and interaction and we are trying to figure out some options that may help to keep everyone happy.  The first thought is this could be a good time to focus on theory and ensuring we take this time to get all our testing in for the P’tit trot levels so all riders are at their respective levels before summer as camps will be slotted in smaller groups per level. 

The following are a few ideas that have come to the table, please feel free to tick all that might interest you and don’t forget to hit the Submit Button at the bottom