Planning on attending any activities at McNab Riding School? Please complete the Online Facility Waiver
Covid Facility Waiver

According to the regulations found at (see below) this is how we may proceed.

Our Saturday Membership will remain closed during the shutdown as it is not possible (at this time) to run this program outdoors and guarantee a 6 foot distance as we would need to split the groups into too many areas which we are not set up for outdoors. 

We will exchange 2 Saturday memberships lost for 1 weeknight Riding Lesson for the duration of shutdown.  Our lesson environment is much easier to control small groups in separate rings as the lesson schedule runs 3 nights/week which enables us to divy up riders into smaller groups to maximize their riding time.  We have multiple coaches ready to work, the weather has been fantastic giving us the time to make sure our horses are ready, and will take advantage of this opportunity to maximize the time in the saddle. 

Weather Permitting:

Fortunately, we are looking at a nice forecast and let’s cross our fingers that at least this works for us however we do have some limitations for safety as follows:

We will ride in mildly rainy weather however

We will not ride in stormy weather where lightning and/or Thunder are present

Any lessons cancelled by McNab Riding School for weather or otherwise will be re-scheduled

What this means for your calendar:

Instructional Members (paid for Saturdays plus weeknight lessons):  You have now received your lesson schedule, and most have confirmed the timing is good.  We will run on this schedule with tweaks along the way where both of our schedules allow to maximize the benefit of your saddle time.  If we can not fit in the extra lessons along the way, the lessons will continue for the added weeks into the month of July.

Recreation Members (paid for Saturdays only):  We will take this week to see how the schedule is working and be in touch early next week to schedule your time.    

Lesson Make-ups:

There will be 1 make-up lesson per student per session permitted.  No exceptions. 

See below for guidelines per

Outdoor recreational amenities

Outdoor recreational amenities permitted to open, subject to conditions, include:

  • parks and recreational areas
  • baseball diamonds
  • batting cages
  • soccer, football and sports fields
  • tennis, platform tennis, table tennis and pickleball courts
  • basketball courts
  • BMX parks
  • skate parks
  • frisbee golf locations
  • cycling tracks and bike trails
  • horse riding facilities
  • shooting ranges, including those operated by rod and gun clubs
  • ice rinks
  • tobogganing hills
  • snowmobile, cross country, dogsledding, ice-skating and snow-shoe trails
  • playgrounds
  • portions of parks or recreational areas containing outdoor fitness equipment
  • golf courses and driving ranges

A permitted outdoor recreational amenity may only open if:

  • physical distance of at least two metres can be maintained
  • team sports, or other sports or games where people may come within two metres of each other, are not practiced or played
  • locker rooms, change rooms, showers and clubhouses remain closed (except for access to equipment storage, washrooms or first aid)