Bronze Horseshoe

Goals to meet for the bronze horse shoe in the English riding manual

The horse

  • I know the main parts of the horse’s body.
  • I know the solid coats.
  • I know how to recognize my horse’s mood.

Horse care

  • I can groom my horse.

Handling a horse

  • I know the safety rules to respect in the stable aisle.
  • I know how to safely approach a horse in the stable aisle.
  • I know how to handle my horse on the ground.


  • I know the different pieces of the basic tack.
  • I can saddle and unsaddle my horse, with help if necessary.

On horseback

  • I can mount, with help if necessary.
  • I can dismount.
  • I know how to recognize a good position when a rider is at the walk.
  • I can walk my horse.
  • I can halt my horse from the walk.
  • I can turn my horse at the walk.
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