Afternoon Members

Welcome back!

Hello everyone, we can’t wait to get started again this saturday! Here is some info to help us back on track quickly

  • Firstly, to alleviate some traffic at drop off between the 2 groups I will ask the afternoon group to drop off just slightly earlier at 10:50AM where possible
  • If you see a car pulling out please allow them to get out the laneway before pulling in
  • Masks must be worn at all times (except when mounted and a safe distance can be maintained) and you may check out the current changing covid policies at any time by clicking our Covid Tab
  • A reminder we do not allow phones during the program, they are very distracting, if you bring a phone it must be left in your cubby, photos or videos are not to be placed on any social media except when consent is given at appropriate times for those favorite pictures. We have a Private Group on Facebook, search McNab riding School and request access to the closed group, we share a lot of information and pictures on this group
  • We will provide a wash station at the front door when our water is off, if the water is on our sink is fully functional with hot water and antibacterial soap in the tack room for frequent hand washing
  • All members are provided with shared cubbies to place their items. You may use these cubbies to leave helmets, brushes, and other horse items at the barn for your convenience – all items are to be labelled with your child’s name to lessen the lost and found box and absolutely no food is to be left in these cubbies – all use of cubbies is at your own risk, McNab will not be responsible for lost items
  • Our membership program is a horsemanship program with focus on learning the basics of Horse Language, Safety, the care of the Horse, Grooming, and tacking up. We do have time in the saddle playing games, taking turns on and off with basic coaching for starting out riders however this is not the main focus of this program, all guaranteed riding time comes with the Instructional Program where lessons are included on your scheduled weeknight

What you need:

  • WINTER BOOTS! Rubber and Paddock boots are not warm enough for spring mornings, you can bring them with you and change into them if needed for riding. Please come dressed with warm comfortable clothing with a hat, mitts, or gloves, boots and a thin balaclava if you have one.
  • All waivers must be signed, if any are missing I will send an email over the next few days to inform you what if any are missing. I apologize if you had done it and it’s still missing, sometimes the website is unstable, especially when there are multiple people on it at the same time

Our Website Learning Portal

  • We are still creating a nicer template for students on the learning portal and it will be ready soon
  • Lauren has been busy trying to get information ready for the much needed higher levels
  • All of our events will be blasted via email but the member zone is a great place to see all of the current information

McNab Cards

  • A reminder that there are to be no IOU’s left for fridge items unless you have a McNab Card
  • You may send in a cash amount to load onto your card and it will be processed immediately, your balance can be checked on the member zone – you just need to know your card number
  • Weekend IOUs will be processed during the week at a quieter time and the transaction is automatically texted or emailed to you (which ever you prefer)
  • If you do not wish to have a card items can be purchased with cash on hand only


  • By now everyone should have their invoice
  • Monthly payments are by post-dated checks only, long standing members have been given the choice of monthly e-transfers but if they are not received on a timely basis each month you will be asked to send post-dated checks again as I do not wish to send extra emails for payment reminders
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