2021 Changes

Our official 16 week program dates per changes outlined below are March 6, 2021 to June 26th – closed Easter weekend Saturday April 3, 2021

If you have not yet officially registered please do so below, any open spaces will be advertised to the public as of February 28th.

Registration will confirm which payment option you prefer… if you choose the monthly option but have not yet made Jan & Feb payment, you are required to pay 50% by Feb 28th and post-dated cheques in equal payments will be required for April 1, May 1, June 1.

Ie. if you are registered for the Instructional Program a total of $542.40 must be received by Feb 28th. Post dated cheques for $180.80 dated April 1, May 1, June 1

If you are registered for the Recreation Program a total of $305.10 due Feb 28 post dated cheques for $101.70 for April 1, May 1, June 1

Any confirmed new leases will start March 1st and an invoice will be sent for the difference which may also be added to the monthly installment.

Register right now here…

Saturday Morning Program to run from March 5th - June 25th **Closed Easter Weekend**
For monthly installments equal installments must be made on the 1st of each month via post-dated checks only.
Below is a copy of the original email sent last fall that explained the change in our membership program for your review…

Hello all, it’s been a crazy year trying to keep up with so many changes.  I’m grateful to still be open and am more hopeful for 2021.  This past year was full of challenges including dealing with Covid regulations and trying to cope with the exponential cost of hay.  The drought created a huge shortage with drove the costs up to where although lucky to get just enough the price was insane.  Not to worry, we’ve made many concessions to conserve everything we have including keeping the horses in much more than they’d like so we can supplement them with other grains and cubes.  They are all doing really well so I’m sure they will winter well! 

Due to the recent changes something had to give so we’ve come up with a new structure for 2021 in an effort to balance a price increase without having to raise the monthly cost to you. 

The changes to membership will look as follows.  The recreation program will become a 16 week program that will run between the months of March and June (essentially cutting out January & February and the challenges these cold months cost us to run membership) and again another 16 week program that will run from September – December (cutting out July & August will give us more time for summer events).

The instructional (lesson) portion of membership will remain unchanged and will include 12 lessons both spring & fall. 


Recreation Package includes 16 Saturdays (2 Hours):  $540

Instructional Package includes 16 Saturdays (2 Hours) + 12 Weeknight Lessons:  Total $960

Total cost of Instructional membership is $960 which will work out to the same monthly payment as before. 

The cost increase mixed with less weeks means your out of pocket costs for the instructional membership will remain the same.

Registration for the spring program will be open January 1st and payment options are unchanged.  The spots are limited and will likely be full by spring with no spots left.  Please register in January when it opens to current members to secure your spot.  Any openings available come mid January will be open to those waiting to get into the program. 

Payment Options include:

  • full payment by registration deadline mid-January to qualify for 2% discount.   
  • 6 Equal Monthly installments January 1st – June 1st by post-dated cheques only
  • Payment in full by credit card (does not qualify for 2% discount)


Also new to 2021 the membership program will no longer include Priority Leasers 14 years of Age and/or Leasers who have been in a Priority Lease for over 1 year.  The cost of a Priority Lease is essentially the cost of Lessons + the Lease only.  The membership program is designed to have staffing to cover those who require this supervision.  Priority Leasers are able to come to the barn on their own schedule and do not require this staffing. 

Please feel free to send me any questions,